Lifegroups are small setting discipleship centers hosted in various homes by different leaders in our congregation. They are centered around instilling scriptural knowledge and understanding, creating spiritual growth, and building relationships within the body of the church. We have seen exponential growth in unity as a church body, as well as rapid spiritual growth in individuals as a result.

The purpose of these groups is to assist individuals in developing their spiritual walk in every way, and to create new leaders within the body. One such way is helping them to find their calling and then the development of that calling. These groups create a variety of ways that would not generally be available in the traditional church setting for people to be used and to develop their talents within the kingdom.

These small groups are a part of Revival by Design North America and are based on the biblical principles and strategies used by Jesus and the apostles in the new testament church. There is approximately 5 years of curriculum available for those who participate to go through. Anyone having completed the full curriculum will have received the equivalent of a bible college education with the addition of real world application.

If you would like to know more about Life Groups, or are interested in attending one, please call Brother Dean Smith at (256)200-6054.